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Jill S. Norton - raised three wonderful boys
Now: still a mom and also a grandmother!
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My Stories

I have a lot of good stories and memories growing up with my mom and dad. We went on a lot of neat vacations, did a lot of neat things at home and in the neighborhood, and generally had a good life.

Growing Up

I have written brief stories of growing up, and have linked to the pages using the bottons at the left. I ahve also included specific memories of my mother taking care of me in the text boxes to the right


I was really sick over Christmas one year, and so couldn't travel home with my wife and kids after the break. My mom took care of me while I got better, and several days later, when I was finally well enough to travel, drove me home (from Dayton up to Ann Arbor!) in a blinding blizzard of snow! She dropped me off at home (where my wife was taking care of our children and also had work to return to) and then turned right back around and drove home. We couldn't have done it without her!


Space for another story.


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